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Welcome to the Destination Imagination scoring website for 2019! Here you can find the scoring program.

2019 Scoring Program Tournament Release Version is available!

The Tournament Release Version of the 2019 Scoring program is now available. This release includes the Team Challenges for this year, and all the Regional and Affiliate Instant Challenges. This release is available for Windows, Mac OS's.

The Documentation has been updated with the changes for the 2019 version, and you can get the list of other changes here.

Please Note: The installation process for Macintosh computers is completely new this year due to security changes Apple has implemented in newer versions of Mac OS X. The Macintosh version will now use an installer rather than the older DMG file used in previous years. This may require you to have access to an Administrator account on the system you're installing to. Please contact Kent Covert if you have any questions or concerns about this change."

The Release version of the Checkin Program is also available.

See how to report any problems or suggestions you have here.

Registering Score Masters: the DI Scoring email list

Destination Imagination scoring discussions, In the past we used the discoring mailing list, but that has gone away this year. The server that we have been using for it is being retired, and so is the tool that supports this list. Please use the DI Forums for any questions or other communications. They are available at http://forums.destinationimagination.org/ and a Score room Forum is already setup. Please verify you have an ID to access the Score Room forum.

Please make sure you are the registered Challenge Master for your Region or Affiliate. Your Director can register you.

Shortcuts to download...

Click here if you just want to to download the latest scoring program for Windows.

Chrome and Internet Explorer may give messages that this program is not commonly downloaded and may be harmful to your computer. They do this for all .exe files they don't recognize. You should choose to "Keep".

If you are running Windows 8 or later, you may get the banner stating that "Windows Protected Your PC" when you try to install this program. Select the "More info" link, and it will allow you to "Run Anyway". The program should install correctly. This is Windows SmartScreen protecting you, and can be turned off if desired.

In any Windows system, your Anti-virus software may tell you that this program is dangerous. This is due to the fact it is an exe file, and they often flag this as dangerous. You should tell the program to ignore that and execute the file anyway.

Click here. to download the DI Scoring Check In Program for Windows.

Click here. to download the Mac version of both programs, including the installation instructions.

Click here if you just want to download the latest scoring program for Mac OS X.

The Scoring Program includes a Sample Tournament for testing purposes. I find it is useful to have a completed tournament for testing the post tournament results, so we put one together this year. Once downloaded, just unzip it onto your system and then open that tournament in the scoring program. This tourment also includes the appraiser CSV files completed for the recommended four appraiser setup in each challenge, and three appraisers for each IC room.
SampleTournament-Filled In.zip

There are more instructions and release information below.

Documentation and Training

The program comes with an extensive set of documentation that covers not only the scoring program per-se, but also the myriad tasks associated with running a score room--from planning the way a tournament will be scored with the Affiliate or Regional Director to staffing the score room to producing the score reports.

Several years of pent-up documentation updates have been incorporated into this year's edition. Including a Novice Guide for setting up a small to meduium (80-ish teams) team tournament. That can be found in the program help, or here. If it gets updated during the season, the latest version will be this one. There is also a pdf version of the latest guide here.

There is a quick guide to the Check In Program here

Getting Started Guide is available

In addition to the complete reference guide that we provide, this year we again have a Getting Started Guide.

This is intended to be a living document; we encourage all of you to send suggested changes and additions to the list. We're particularly interested in contributions and input from first and second year score masters. What do you wish someone had told you before your first tournament?

Training Presentations

DI Scoring Training materials are available for both the Scoring Program and the Check In Program.

If you create new training material for this year, please consider contributing it to the scoring community by sending it to Manny Alvarez at malvarez2@austin.rr.com  so that he can post it here.

The Scoring Program

General Program Information

This year's program is supported on Microsoft Windows (XP SP2 or higher, Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10) and Mac OS 10.5.8 and later, and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Some amount of testing has been performed on Mac OS X.

While this year's program is largely like last year's, especially in the actual day-of-the-tournament aspects, you can read about the changes for this year.

Java Version Required


The program requires JRE version 7 (1.7.0_45), which is shipped as part of the kit.

Mac OS

Mac OS 10.7 and greater do not include Java. Java for those versions can be downloaded and installed from Oracle's Java website http://java.com/.

Mac OS 10.6 and earlier are installed with Java automatically so no additional action should be needed.

Older Operating System Versions Not Tested

Your program development team no longer has systems running Windows NT, Vista or 2000, and the scoring program has NOT been tested on those versions of Windows by the development team.

If you intend to score a tournament using one of these older operating systems, it is your responsibility to test the program thoroughly and report any problems you find by sending them to Manny Alvarez. Please also let us know if your testing indicates that the program runs fine, so that we can update this web page.

If you test on a platform other than the supported Windows platforms or Mac OS X, please let us know what you find so that we can update this web page.

Linux not supported

Your program development team does not have the resources to support use of the program on Linux. We have received word that it mostly works there, with problems printing. But if you choose to try it there by extracting the scoring.jar file from the Windows or Mac kit, you are completely on your own!

Program Development Team

This year the program team consists of

  • Manny Alvarez
  • Judi Roberts
  • Steve Donley
  • Kent Covert
  • Jim Manuell


Changes for 2019

  • New Mac installer has replaced the older drag-and-drop DMG file. This installer resolves some issues introduced by new security measures added to the latest version of Mac OS X.
  • Additional support for mobile device scoring has been added to the scoring program this year. This feature should still be considered experimental and should only be used by those sites that are involved in testing this feature.
  • Some bugs fixed and usability enhancements made in both the scoring program and checkin program.
  • Updated documentation for the new year.
  • Updated the challenges.

Reporting Problems

We hope that you won't experience any problems with the scoring program, but there may be a small number of bugs lurking.

Before reporting a bug, please read the Known Problems section, immediately below. Please report any bugs you find in the program that are not already on the Known Problems list, by sending posting a report to the DI Scoring Forums. Also, please report any program crashes you find, even if it resembles a Known Problem. Please send the crash file to the program development team, at the DI Scoring Forums.

Please see General Program Information, above, for information about specific testing needs.

If the program crashes, there will be one of two files in the installation directory:

  • DI-Errorlog.txt
  • dump.<a-lot-of-numbers>

Please email these files directly to the scoring development team, at malvarez2@austin.rr.com (not to the forums, please). Include a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash.

Known Problems

  • Printing problem: If you try to print on Windows or Mac OS when the default printer is not accessible (usually, when the default printer is on a home network), the program will close without any warning. To work around this problem, set an accessible printer as the default using the OS printer setup. Then restart the program and all will be well.

  • When used for tournaments on the scale of Global Finals, the Meet Summary and Meet Summary with Scores reports may print blank pages. When this happens, use the RTF form of the Meet Summary with Scores report, then open the generated RTF file in an editor such as Word, and print from that.